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pr for books and authors


This service locates about 12 agents or publishers (+/- 3) who have made significant deals in your category within the past 45 to 90 days. You will be given the deal information so that you can note why you are contacting them in your query letter. This is one of the most effective methods for queries because it proves you to be a savvy professional who tracks deals and trends. The fee is $1,335.

This service locates 45 to 50 agents or publishers who are interested in the type of manuscript being presented. For scripts, 40 to 45 contacts are listed. The fee is $1,975.

Ghostwriting, editing, book proposals


  • Representation from top agents
  • 550,000 PR impressions in 1 week
  • Attention from top publishers
  • Strong midsized and midlist publishers
  • Articles picked up by local and national media
  • ​Interviews with radio and TV programs
  • Single and multi-title contracts
  • Series contracts
  • Academic and niche presses for unique manuscripts

A press release helps you spread the word through different media outlets. Releases offered by other shops often are often duplicates of the book's back cover copy. The professional writing services offered by Writer's Resource utilize news pegs, the work's themes, and the author's goals to generate releases that actually capture attention. ​
The fee for a single press release is $650. If two or more are written at the same time, the fee is discounted to $525 each.

This is a Q&A style piece that covers 4 to 8 questions.
The fee is $1,485.

A feature article or op-ed can garner coverage for a book, product, workshop or seminar. The articles can also spark new interviews.
Average length is 850 to 1,200 words. The fee is $2,400.