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Specializing in developing, ghostwriting, and revising books. All services provided by an award-winning ghostwriter and book editor with 20 years of experience.


Writer's Resource has created award-winning projects, books sponsored by Fortune 500 companies, series and more. 

"Writer's Resource did a phenomenal job of capturing my voice and demonstrating the ideas, solutions and resources my readers need. The ghostwriting was so strong it will enhance my entire brand, including my books and magazines to my speaking engagements." 
​​ – Business Thought Leader

Laine Cunningham works with authors, public speakers, thought leaders and small businesses as a ghostwriter, developmental editor, and book editor of fiction and nonfiction; to develop speaking engagements and adjunct products; and branding. One of the most important benefits is Laine’s ability to convey the core message in a clear way.

Two decades of experience writing fiction and nonfiction books, pitching projects to agents and publishers, and reaching readers through effective PR have boosted the careers of traditionally published and indie authors. Clients working with adult and juvenile texts from children’s picture books through young adult novels have found success with Laine’s support.

Laine is also an accomplished author whose award-winning novels span literary fiction, paranormal romance, and psychological thrillers for adults and YA audiences. Her nonfiction titles include an inspirational self-help book, two titles for authors on the current publishing industry, and an upcoming title for small business owners. Discover more about her books at LaineCunningham.com.

Select Project List

Children's book series (5 titles) for trauma victims. Development, revisions. Small publisher. Upcoming for 2017.


High school student self-help. Ghostwritten. Leading education publisher. Spring 2017. 

Parent self-help. Ghostwritten. Leading education publisher. Dec 2016.


Teacher self-help. Ghostwritten. Leading education publisher. Nov 2016. 

Principal (educator) self-help. Ghostwritten. Leading education publisher. Oct 2016

Fictionalized middle-grade biographies of female athletes. Ghostwritten. Requested by three of the Big Five publishers through a leading agent. 2016.

Christian novel. Developmental review. Midsized publisher. 2016.

Federal prison guidebook. Restructuring, revisions. Small press. 2016.

Guide to Prison Education. Restructuring, editing. Small press. 2016.

Urban school reform: Ghostwritten. Requested by two of the Big Five top publishers. 2016.

Middle grade novels that teach self-help concepts. Two of five books. Ghostwritten. Two literary agencies requested the manuscripts before they were completed. 2016.

Dog memoir. Development/revisions. First print run sold out in 30 days. Small press. 2015.

Speculative short stories. Ghostwritten. Considered by leading invitation-only fiction outlet. 2015.

Home and health self-help. Ghostwritten. Small press publication. Oct 2014.

Leadership and entrepreneurship for women. Ghostwritten. Small press publication. Mar 2014.

Education inside America's prisons. Restructuring, revisions, editing. Big Five publisher. 2014.

Middle grade fantasy novel. Development, editing. Small press. 2014.

Travel memoir. Development, editing. Small press. 2014.

Parenting initiatives. Development, restructuring, editing. Small press. 2013. 

Christian middle grade novel. Ghostwriting. Small press. 2013.

Anti-bullying middle grade nonfiction self-help. Ghostwritten. Winner, national award, 2014. Mid-level press. Oct 2012. Packaged by mid-level book packager, 2016.

Christian novel. American Library Association (ALA) Top Pick for 2012. Development, editing. Small press. 2012.

Children's flip book. Ghostwritten. Small press. May 2013.

Contemporary novel. Two national awards. Editing. Small press. 2012. 

Easy reader folktale. Ghostwritten. Considered by Simon & Schuster; small press. 2012.

Parenting tips nonfiction. Development, restructuring, editing. Small press. 2012.

Easy reader folktale. Ghostwritten. Considered by Simon & Schuster; small press. 2012.

Prison education. Restructuring, editing. Small press. 2012.

Children's picture book. Development, editing. Small press. 2012.

Novel based on real events. Ghostwritten. Small press. Apr 2011.

Women's fiction novel. Editing. Small press. 2011.

Speculative novel. Development, restructuring, editing. Small press. 2011.

Medical novel. Editing. Small press. 2011. 

Women's business book. Ghostwritten. Small press. June 2010.

Business and career self-help. Proposal and query letter. Big Five publisher. 2010. 

Medical reference for mainstream audience. Small press. 2007 and 2010.

Humor. Book proposal. Big Five publisher. 2010.

Metaphysical (New Age) novel. Development, editing. National award winner.  Small press. 2010.

Self-help for emotional healing. Development, editing. Small press. 2010. 

Memoir. Ghostwritten. Endorsed by top actress/film director. Optioned for film. Small press. Aug 2009.

Self-help. Ghostwritten. Small press. 2008. 

Speculative novel. Development, editing. Small press. 2008.

Mystery novel. Editing. Big Five publisher. 2007.

Contemporary novel. Development, editing. Small publisher. 2007.

Career self-help. Development, editing. Small press. 2004.

Children's picture book. Development, editing. Small press. 2002.

Contemporary novel. Development, editing. Winner, Canadian fellowship. Small press. 2001.

Children's picture book. Development, editing. Winner, national award. 1998.

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Currently, 59 titles are under contract with agents or publishers. Books handled by Writer’s Resource ghostwriter and book editor services have gone on to win 11 national awards. Nonfiction clients have had their ghostwritten projects financially sponsored by Fortune 500 companies, optioned for film, and endorsed by CEOs and celebrities. Fiction clients have been shopped to Disney and Pixar, received contracts for long-running series, and been placed in libraries and schools nationwide. 

Laine Cunningham, the owner and a twenty-year publishing consultant, is a member of Gotham Ghostwriters, "New York City's only world-class, full-service writing firm."  Through them, she offers her services to an exclusive client list that includes the heads of global foundations, the last three US presidents and two vice presidents. 

Her clients include museums, leading arts organizations, beloved spiritual leaders, small presses and bestselling authors. ​



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