"Truthful and caustic and sensible."

An immensely helpful, illuminating, and invaluable resource for writers and readers that speaks truth to power in the publishing industry. Perfect for the diverse voices of the #MeToo movement.

Writers know how to write a book or are well on their way to learning how to write a novel. They strive daily to improve their narrative writing skills and their abilities writing poetry and with story writing. In their quest to succeed, they have attended writing workshops, networked with other writers, and possibly even attended residency programs as an author.

Learning how to write is only part of the process, no matter whether you are a career book writer, participating in NaNoWriMo every November, or wondering what habits serve an aspiring writer best. Writers can graduate from a master class, know the basic tools of the trade, an author also need to know about the mechanisms behind the publishing industry.

Other books on writing offer writing tools, ideas about the writing process, insight into the author’s craft, and even the writing life. Only Writing While Female or Black or Gay reveals the unwritten rules that impact every decision made from creation to contract. Written from an experienced and practical view on the writer’s craft and the writing life, this work is a must-have resource for every author.

Writing a memoir, an epic fantasy, a historical series, the next literary award-winner, essays, a short story collection, true crime, or mysteries are all impacted by the same drivers. Writing While Female or Black or Gay, written by a publishing professional with twenty years of experience, describes the various issues faced by writers in fiction and nonfiction areas. The impacts of each obstacle are measurable, and the studies and statistics that reveal their effect are quoted. Real, actionable steps are offered to resolve these long-standing issues.

Authors of novels and writers of nonfiction will discover insider information and publishing industry secrets that literary agents and book editors knows about the adult book market, the children’s book market, literary awards, and book reviews.

Ensure that your diverse voice and your diverse character can be heard with Writing While Female or Black or Gay.

For over twenty years, Laine Cunningham has been a ghostwriter and publishing consultant. Her clients have been published at the nation's top five houses, received film options, and been shopped to Disney and Pixar. Her novels have received the Hackney Literary Award, the James Jones Literary Society Fellowship, Writer’s Digest’s annual book award, and honors from national and international art councils. Her short stories have won the 2016 Hackney Award and been published by Reed Magazine, Birmingham Arts Journal, and Writer’s Digest.

Laine "caves in castles on the hill, roasts the big name publishers (and so called liberal literary magazines as well) and discusses topics that are poisonous for new writers – unless they be young white males (and even there she has some pointers that are laugh out loud funny)."​

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