"Truthful and caustic and sensible."

Writing While Female or Black or Gay

Diverse Voices in Publishing

Go beyond The New Yorker profile of publishing’s biggest con artist and break through the mostly white, middle-to-upper-class gatekeepers.

Don’t let the Dan Mallory scandal kill your publishing dreams. Understand why even Toni Morrison kept quiet about being a writer when she worked as an editor.

People of color, women from every background, LGBTQ+ authors, first- and second-generation immigrants, and men who weren’t born into money need to see the inner workings of the industry. Only by knowing how the odds are stacked can they forge a path to success.

Written by a publishing industry insider with twenty years of experience, this work lays out the tough realities while making you laugh at the industry’s absurdity. You will learn actionable steps you can take as a writer, a reader, or a person concerned about equality and diversity to balance the scales.

Laine Cunningham has been an author and ghostwriter for over twenty years. She is the senior editor of Sunspot, a literary journal whose mission is to hear every voice. Check out the magazine at SunspotLit.com and support their mission, “Changing the World Through Words.”

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