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"The pitch conference was a crazy day but I went in armed with the speech created by Writer's Resource. Three agents requested the manuscript that day. I came home to find another two had decided they wanted the manuscript, as well." 

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Present novels, short stories, and real anecdotes as performances

Storytelling is an ancient art form. The flow and impact of the story's events are enhanced by the presentation. Ensure that your stories have the impact you want with a storytelling script based on your novel, novella, a single short story, an excerpt, or a real-life anecdote. 

Storytelling scripts are available for $150 to $300 per run minute depending on the run time and original story length. 


Powerful presentations build your foundation 

Professional speechwriting services provide powerful impacts for keynotes, presentations, audio CDs, DVDs and workshops. The spoken word has important differences in cadence, language choice and sentence structure than the written word. 

Speechwriting and scripts for audio CDs, DVDs, workshops and other presentations are available for $150 to $300 per run minute depending on topic, run time, and number of scripts. Contact Laine to discuss your needs. 

"Thank you for your usual quality job. The speech I will present before Congress will restore to me and to all men like me a sense of dignity that was denied in earlier times when racism stripped away their fundamental rights." 
​--Congressional Acceptance Speech

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