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"I spoke to the agent last week. She thought the new version was great! She was so impressed she asked me to send her my nonfiction book as well as my novel. She is extending a contract for all my projects." 
--Juvenile Fiction

"The rewrites Writer's Resource did are almost magical. I would love to have Laine's natural talent. She changed my collection of notes into a readable book." 

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"The agent just called. He said he hasn't been this excited about a manuscript since reading HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER years ago." 
​--Tech Thriller

mixed revisions

Endorsed by celebrities, optioned for film, contracts with top agents and publishers, national awards

This combination approach is used when new text must be added to a manuscript that requires high-level revisions. This professional writing service combines ghostwriter elements with rewriting and is tailored to the needs of each project. Fees vary depending on need and length.

high-level revisions

National awards, contracts with top agents and publishers

This professional writing service is appropriate when line editing cannot address all issues. It is also commonly performed after a written analysis for authors who do not want to implement the recommendations themselves. 
This service might include developmental assistance, and always includes line editing and copy editing.
Frequently this service is used to trim a manuscript to meet a specific word count. The polished final manuscript is ready to send to agents and publishers or to the printer.
Fees vary according to need and length.

"I had a great talk with the agent this afternoon. She's shopping the book you developed and rewrote to the Disney guy for film! This is the same guy who did PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, NATIONAL TREASURE and SPYKIDS. I'm thrilled!
​--Young Adult Novel

"I was very nervous about allowing someone to trim so much. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I read the final version. Laine had removed nearly 40,000 words and yet every action, every nuance was there! Everything I had written was still there...only better! I never would have believed it was possible if I hadn't seen it myself." 
--Commercial Genre Novel 

Shopped to Disney

National Awards

Signed by Top Agents and Publishers

Over 500 Completed Projects 

rewriting and revisions