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"The changes Writer's Resource made to my proposal are fantastic. Laine used the main points I wanted and added important information that was missing. My fiance has published fifteen books and agrees that the work is superb." 

hybrid projects

For books heavy with multimedia components and/or L&M

Hybrid proposals are useful for titles that are heavily integrated with multimedia components like audio, interactive ebooks, web-based content, games, etc. 
Opportunities for licensing and merchandising (L&M) deals is also critically important to publishers today.
Hybrid proposals have generated offers from publishers in less than 48 hours and allowed authors to capture support from retailers.
The fee to add this element to a hybrid proposals for juvenile concepts charges out at the standard rate plus $1,500.
Adult hybrid projects generally charge out at the same rate as a standard proposal plus $1,200.
Call to discuss your needs so a price quote can be tailored to your concept.

"The proposal Writer's Resource created was a godsend. I've learned more in the past forty-eight hours reading through this material than I have in five years of attending writing conferences. Laine has taken me to a whole new level!" 
​--Inspirational Self-help

"The agent raved about the book proposal from Writer's Resource. She was so impressed that she considered this project over all the other submissions she has been bombarded with. This bodes very well for my book!" 
​--Young Adult

Looking for a lower-cost option?

Visit the Pitch page. 

"Before Laine worked on my proposal, few agents asked to see the manuscript. Now three out of the first five agents I queried have requested sample chapters!" 

book proposal

Open the door to your career as an adult, YA, or middle-grade author

The book proposal contains an overview of current trends, a section on the author, a synopsis, a chapter outline, comps; marketing opportunities, a tagline, multimedia opportunities, and other items as appropriate. 
Proposals run between 10 and 20 single-spaced pages (not including sample chapters). Book proposals from Writer's Resource have resulted in hundreds of contracts from premier agents and publishers, requests within 12 hours of submission, attention from film studios, and auctions (also known as bidding wars).
A middle-grade novel proposal averages $1,500 to $2,750 depending on length and category. The cost for a YA or adult novel proposal averages between $2,500 and $4,500.
The cost for a YA or adult nonfiction proposal is between $3,500 and $8,500.

As a result of Laine's query letter, I received a four-book deal." 

​--Sci-fi Novel

juvenile submissions packet

Picture books, easy readers, and chapter books up to 10K words

The packet consists of an overview of the finished manuscript, similar manuscripts under development, and supportive trends; an author bio, including your platform; and the query letter. 
Juvenile submissions packets have been the deciding factor for hundreds of agents and publishers who have signed Writer's Resource clients. A few have beenshopped around Hollywood and received attention from Disney and Pixar.
The entire packet ranges between 3 to 5 single-spaced pages. The fee is $1,495.

query letter

One Page = A Lifelong Impact

The query letter is a single page that encapsulates the highlights usually described in depth in a book proposal. Query letters from Writer's Resource have opened the door at literary agencies and publishing houses for nearly a thousand authors. 
The fee is $385.

"I have been searching for years for someone to write book proposals for my literary agency's clients. I am so grateful to have found someone who does it at all, let alone someone who has such an exceptional understanding of trends and publishers' needs." 
​--Literary Agent

"I sent out a handful of queries Sunday night and in less than 24 hours, had a request for the full manuscript." 
​--Pet Memoir

Picture Book Debut on Dr. Oz Show

US and Foreign Rights Deals

Contracts with Big Five Publishers

Representation from Top Agents

Results 30 Minutes After Submission

Bidding Wars and Book Auctions

query letters and

book proposals