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"This press release from Writer's Resource is much better than any I've gotten from big PR agencies. It ties my book into the top headlines making news today. This very small investment will pay off big with invitations to talk on TV and radio shows!: 

feature article 

Publication in newspapers and magazines, distribution to book clubs, guest blog posts and media kits

A feature article can garner coverage for a book, product, workshop or seminar. The articles can also spark new interviews. 
Average length is 8
50 to 1,200 words. The fee is $1,375.

"Writer's Resource put together a one-page sell sheet for a book I planned to self-publish. I wanted to use the sell sheet to approach bookstores. Instead, I got several offers for publishing contracts!"
​--Social Issues Nonfiction


Publication in newspapers and magazines, distribution to book clubs, guest blog posts and media kits

This is a Q&A style piece that covers 6 to 10 questions. 
The fee is $945.

press release

Tie your book to headline news and issues that matter

A press release helps you spread the word through different media outlets. Releases offered by other shops often are often duplicates of the book's back cover copy. The professional writing services offered by Writer's Resource utilize news pegs, the work's themes, and the author's goals to generate releases that actually capture attention. ​
The fee for a single press release is $445.
If two or more are written at the same time, the fee is discounted to $395 each.

"The press release Writer's Resource wrote has generated an explosion of comments on my blog. It's been up for weeks with no signs of slowing down!" 
​--Contemporary Romance Novel

"Since I run a small publishing company, I thought I understood how to approach readers. Fortunately I called Writer's Resource before launching the newest books. Now we're heading out with an approach that makes a much stronger connection with our audiences." 
​--Short Story Collection, Historic Diary, and Other Titles

550,000 Impressions for a Single Press Release

Articles Picked Up by Local and National Media

Interviews with Radio and TV Shows

book PR