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"My two-part book is over 1,200 pages long and deals with complex issues. The synopsis from Writer's Resource includes every element, and treats them all with the depth they deserve."
​--Science Fiction Novel

"I thought my book would only appeal to a limited audience. Writer's Resource showed me how broad the opportunities really are. All my doubts have been swept away, and I have new avenues to pursue." 

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"The pitch items really captured my book. I especially appreciate being able to target multiple agents and publishers from different angles." 

additional pitch items

Authors need to compare their work to similar successful books in the current market. This professional writing service researches dozens of the best and then compares the top three to five to the author's manuscript. The fee is $635. Audience A pitch needs to pinpoint the primary audience as well as any additional primary or secondary audiences. The fee for a single audience is $445. The fee for two or three audiences is $695. Multimedia This write-up discusses the potential for a book to become a movie, TV show, cable series, instant download, and its transition in developing technologies. The fee for a standard book project is $845.

marketing opportunities

Agents and publishers want to know how authors can help with book sales. This involves much more than a book tour. The fee to create a marketing opportunities segment is $985. The fee to enhance an existing piece is $695.

author bio

Fiction and nonfiction; adult, YA and juvenile

Authors sometimes fear that since they have no prior publication credits, they don't have anything to include in a bio. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fee to create a biois $685. The fee to revise an existing biois $495. 


Fiction and nonfiction

A synopsis presents the primary characters or topics, arcs, and plot/character development or subtopics in one to two single-spaced pages. 
To create one from scratch with this professional writing service, the entire manuscript is read. To revise/rewrite a draft synopsis, only the original synopsis is needed.
The fee to create a new synopsis for a manuscript of standard length is $1,285. Longer-than-average manuscripts have slightly higher fees. The fee to rewrite/revise an existing synopsis of up to 5 pages is $895.

chapter outline

Fiction and nonfiction

While the synopsis focuses on characters and how they change or how nonfiction topics are treated, the chapter outline provides an in-depth look at each step in the work's progression. 
The fee to create a new outline is $1,635. The fee to revise an existing outline is $835. 


The most important words

A tagline is a single sentence that encapsulates the category, audience, plot/theme, and content of a book. It is used to headline queries and book proposals, at the top of a synopsis or chapter outline, and even during face-to-face pitch sessions. The fee is $345.

""I really appreciate having an option that pitched my book as hard as a full book proposal. Without the professional experience of Writer's Resource, this work wouldn't have had a chance in such a competitive market." 

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