The Family Made of Dust

A Novel of Loss and Rebirth in the Australian Outback

"One of the best novels in ten years."


Destined to become the next The Book Thief. For fans of Small Great Things, Before We Were Yours, and Orphan Train. Perfect for viewers of “Mystery Road,” “Picnic at Hanging Rock,” and “Bite Club.”
When his best friend disappears in the Australian desert, the only clue is an Aboriginal artifact that leads Gabe back to the land of his birth. As he searches for his friend, long-suppressed memories resurface. Memories of the uncle who swung him up into a tree and called him Little Breeze. Memories of the mother he lost. Memories of the social workers who lured him away from his home.
Vast, dangerous and beautiful, The Family Made of Dust is a remarkable story about the special relationships families can treasure even when they have been broken apart...and how a spare and beautiful landscape can resurrect that which we hold so dear.


An Atmospheric Thriller

Shortlisted for the William Faulkner Award

The Couple Next Door meets The Woman in the Window in a fictional feminist manifesto along the lines of Rose McGowan’s Brave. Perfect for supporters of the #MeToo movement. 

FBI agent Priya Conlin-Kumar is tracking two different serial killers hunting in the same city. After one killer falls, she hones in on the seemingly inhuman predator who continues slaughtering. Priya must command the dark, sensual power of the goddess Kali if she is to have any chance at defeating the demonic predator. And she must do so before more women die.

Novels by award-winning author laine cunningham


A Novel of the American Great Plains

National Award Winner

Sharp Objects meets Everything I Never Told You in a relentlessly creepy family saga.
Perfect for viewers of “Twin Peaks,” “Dark Places,” and “Westworld.”

“Beautifully written. The work of a master craftsman.” Grady Harp, Vine Voice
“Endlessly compelling.” Writer's Digest

To save his sister, Aidan Little Boy must confront the darkness that lives in the heart of America’s frontier.
When his sister joins a group living on a remote ranch, Aidan Little Boy encourages her. For four years, he has been their mother’s caretaker and hasn’t been the brother he wants to be. The group offers Fanny new friendships and a community deeply embedded with their father’s Native American traditions.
But the ranch holds ancient secrets that threaten to spin Fanny into a darkness she is too innocent to understand. As Aidan investigates the group, he unearths a web of lies that trace back to America’s settlement. Unsure who to trust, he opens his heart to a Cherokee herbalist as they uncover a plot so shocking they must risk their own lives to save innocent ones.
Hailed as “endlessly compelling,” Reparation is an emotional tour de force about the dangers one man must face to rescue his family as well as himself.

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