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"One of the best novels in ten years."

--Hackney Literary Awards

Winner, Hackney Literary Awards
Winner, James Jones Literary Society Fellowship

In this thrilling debut novel ranked alongside Pulitzer Prize winning authors William Styron and Horton Foote, a search for a missing friend unearths the price an adopted boy paid for his family.

Eerily mysterious, vast, dangerous and beautiful, The Family Made of Dust is a remarkable story about the special relationships families can hold dear even when they have been broken apart…and how a spare and beautiful landscape can resurrect that which we hold so dear. 

For readers of Sara Gruen’s At the Water’s Edge and Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees

Shortlisted for the William Faulkner Award

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods meets China Mieville’s Kraken in a haunting and atmospheric tale that pits an FBI agent against monsters ancient and modern.

As FBI agent Priya Conlin-Kumar hones in on a seemingly inhuman serial killer, she experiences visions of a demon king. The closer she draws to the criminal, the more intense their battle becomes. As if called forth by powers too ancient to deny, the visions become real. Priya must access the dark, sensual power of the goddess Kali in order to face the demonic predator on his own terms.​

Showcasing the urban surrealism that marks weird fiction authors and the New Weird category, Beloved blends the shadows of H. P. Lovecraft with the literary sensibility of Ursula Le Guin. 

Novels by award-winning author laine cunningham

National Award Winner 

Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 meets Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale as a man battles sinister forces associated with a Native American peyote cult. 

“The work of a master craftsman.”

“Endlessly compelling." 

When Aidan Little Boy leaves his ailing mother’s side to visit his sister on a peyote church property in South Dakota, he encounters a religious cult run by an apparently superhuman leader. Suddenly his nondescript life becomes tangled in a world that has grown disturbing and strange. In a series of remarkable events, the ancient beings of Native American folktales are manipulated by people with strong connections to the parallel world of spirits. Aidan must understand these unknown powerful forces before the Reparation, a ceremony that will slaughter thousands of innocents.

This complex and surreal novel merges folktales, history, and contemporary lifestyles with magical realism in a hypnotically addictive original tale.

Honorable Mention, Writer's Digest 2016 Ebook Award

Shortlisted for Three National Awards