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net more than $0.35 on your $0.99 books

​   Look, let’s be honest. Earning $0.35 per unit sold through Amazon’s restrictive royalty rate sucks. You should be earning closer to the full $0.99. Your book is worth it, and you need to make some money to offset advertising costs.
   You could sign up as an Amazon affiliate and earn 4% more on each sale…but you have to refer those sales yourself, which means you can’t net that additional amount on advertisers’ promos. And 4% is pennies, still, so why bother?
   Gumroad.com has the answer. They’re a sales site that allows authors, artist and others to sell their digital prices easily and for very little costs per unit. You’re looking at about $0.35 plus a percentage (under 3%) cost per unit sold. That means you net $0.61 per sale. That’s nearly twice as much!
   Sell 100 copies on Amazon, net $35.
   Sell 100 copies on Gumroad, net $61.
   Sell 1,000 copies on Amazon, net $3,500.
   Sell 1,000 copies on Gumroad, net $6,100.
   Now you’re talking!