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"Our organization tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of one foundation for years. After just one session with Writer's Resource, our application was singled out by the foundation's director. He actually picked up the phone to tell us how much he wanted to support our efforts!" 
​--Nonprofit Literary Magazine

"The application looked simple at first but since I'd never done something like this before, I needed help. Writer's Resource guided me through the process, and now I'm going to the residency to work on my book!" 


For authors, artists, and art organizations

Financial support is available to authors, artists, and art organizations through grants. Each grant agency has its own mission, and Writer's Resource has a deep understanding of how to match the application's support materials with those goals. 

Fees range from $130 to $750 per finished page depending on the complexity of the guidelines.  

"The support materials Writer's Resource rewrote for my application worked! I have received an international artist's residency at Ox-bow." 
--Novelist and Painter

residency applications

Time, validation and prestige

Applying for a residency can be a complex process that requires a writer or artist to understand the organization's intent, mission, and goals. Writer's Resource has created dozens of winning applications. Fellowship money tied to residency programs has also been received. 

Fees range from $325 to $550 per finished page.

business proposals

For authors, artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs

Authors and artists supplement their income by offering workshops and seminars. Small businesses thrive by presenting solutions to potential clients. All need proposals that define the problem and present the solutions they can provide. 

Fees range from $350 to $545 per finished page depending on industry, complexity of the issue being addressed, and the solutions provided by your program.  

"The proposal Writer's Resource created sounds so professional! I can tell that a great deal of time and effort went into this project. Once the schools see what my tutorial company has to offer, I will get the contracts!" 
--Business Proposal 

US and International Residencies

Business Proposals

Nonprofit and Arts Grants

National and International Awards

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