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The long list

For manuscripts or scripts 

This service locates 45 to 50 agents or publishers who are interested in the type of manuscript being presented. 
For scripts, 40 to 45 contacts are listed.
The fee is $1,435.

The dealmaker list

Connect with top dealmakers 

This service locates about 12 agents or publishers (+/- 3) who have made significant deals in your category within the past 45 to 90 days. You will be given the deal information so that you can note why you are contacting them in your query letter. 
This is one of the most effective methods for queries because it proves you to be a savvy professional who tracks deals and trends. Capture attention today!
The fee is $985.

"Everyone told me my work would never be widely accepted by agents and publishers who wouldn't see its sales potential. Writer's Resource's query and agent list presented my work at its best." 

Query letters, book proposals, juvenile submission packets, and individual pitch items are on the Query & Proposal page or the Pitch page.

"I looked and looked for agents who would handle my books and only found a handful. The list from Writer's Resource is going to keep me busy with queries for a while!"  
--Children's Picture Book Series

"I was so surprised by the number of agents you provided. I had no idea so many people would be interested. You've shown me that the true power of my book is its uniqueness!" 

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