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back cover copy

This professional writing service describes the book's theme or plot, and engages readers with your content and characters. The fee is $535.

"Without the help I received from Writer's Resource, this book could never have come to life. Laine is a blessing!" 

elevator pitch

Close the deal in 3 minutes

An elevator pitch consists of three to five sentences that describe your title more comprehensively than the tagline. The fee is $685. 

author bio

For the book cover or flap

A short paragraph averaging 150 to 225 words. 

The fee is $435.

"Writer's Resource provided expert services for my project. I greatly respect and appreciate Laine's honesty. Her energy will always be a part of this project wherever it ends up." 
​--Crossover Fiction

author profile

For reader review sites,

book sales platforms, and more

The profile authors need is very different than the bio used to interest publishing houses in their work. The profile is also very different than the brief information on the cover. The author profile connects your readers to you as an artist or expert. The fee is $645.


30 seconds to success

A tagline is a single sentence that encapsulates the category, audience, plot/theme, and primary points of a work of fiction or nonfiction. The tagline can be used in advertising copy, as a headline for author profile pages, the lead for book descriptions on sales platforms, for publisher/agent pitches, and when describing your book to live audiences. The fee is $385.

"My novel won the silver medal in a national contest. I owe this wondrous event in large part to Writer's Resource's excellent efforts." 
--Metaphysical Fiction

"Laine impressed me because she understands the writing business. Her advice was on target and I appreciated her candor. She has my trust and respect." 
​--Supernatural Thriller

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