​The Silencing of Women

A Book Art Project

Throughout the centuries, history consistently failed to record the accomplishments of women. Today, women demand to be respected. They speak out despite the violence and oppression intended to silence their voices.

Erasure: The Silencing of Women is a book art project that shines a spotlight on their efforts. Historic figures like Qui Jin, a Chinese revolutionary figure, and Queen Elizabeth I illuminate suppression.

Modern figures like Recy Taylor, Maneka Gandhi, Malala Yousafzai and others highlight today’s struggles. Each entry is headlined with a quote from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This limited edition book project contains fifty copies of a book that touches on dozens of powerful women. Each copy is transformed from a text into an artwork that physically embodies the strength and persistence of women worldwide.

 Table of Contents or

The Content of Centuries

 Black Women Matter : Recy Taylor
Suppression Through Rule of Law : Elizabeth Warren
Dowry Death : Maneka Gandhi
Female Genital Mutilation : Jaha Dukureh
Objectification : Playboy Bunny
#Gamergate : Anita Sarkeesian
Girls' Education : Malala Yousafzai
The Penitent Females : Magdalene Laundries
Women in Power : Hillary Clinton
Marriage : Queen Elizabeth I
Scapegoat : Mata Hari
Religion : Mary Magdalene
Foot Binding : Qui Jin
Mental Health : Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Science : Marie Curie
Menstruation : Megyn Kelly

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Erasure: a book art project

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