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Branding for Your Books 

Website pages can be created based on your book's content, articles or other items you've written, and/or fresh research. $375/page. 
Author profiles are created for reader review sites, book sales platforms, and other digital spaces where you can set up profiles. The standard profile, including information for up to three books, is available for $645.

Want to create a book based on your blog? Visit the Rewriting page.

"The support Writer's Resource provides allows me to connect with readers without taking any time away from my work on the next books." 
--Social Issues 

blogs and newsletters

Content for a day or a year 

Too often, authors feel pressured to generate blog content. This service saves time, allowing you to focus on the more important task of writing your next book.
For nonfiction, a series of 10 blog/newsletter entries of 200-400 words each is generated by rewriting content from the book. The fee is $1,445.

For fiction, 10 entries of 200-400 words each based on your theme are written. The fee is $2,835 to generate these from scratch. If you have content that can be rewritten, the nonfiction rate applies.  

"The year of blog posts you created based on my book has launched to great success. The individuals I'm targeting are flocking to the site. They are hungry for more and have been emailing new questions every day." 
--Turnaround CEO 

Website Page Content Creation

Blog Entries Based on Your Books

Books Created Based on Your Blog

Author Profiles

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