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video script for crowdfunding 

Move donors with an appeal that works on many levels 

The most successful crowdfunding campaigns use videos. Writing script to be spoken aloud is a very different skill than writing for print. Ensure your project's goals and benefits come across in a powerful, concise manner with a script for your video.

Turnaround time averages 2 weeks. The fee is $500 for up to 3 run minutes. 

Discounts are available for multiple scripts created for the same campaign and scripts longer than 8 minutes. 

"The crowdfunding campaign Writer's Resource built for me is already a big success. The minute I read through the materials, I knew it would reach the Christian market with just the right emotion." 
​--Short Story Collection

advanced campaign

Multiple audience 

An advanced campaign provides all the benefits of the basic campaign with information that is modified to allow two or more demographics to be targeted.. 
The fee is $2,395.    

basic crowdfunding campaign

A single audience  

The basic crowdfunding campaign creates all the text requested by funding sites and is geared to appeal to a single demographic. Useful for books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVD courses, movies and documentaries. The fee is $1,525.

"This campaign hit on something I wasn't even aware of in my novel. Writer's Resource reached into the heart of my book and found the true universal aspect that will reach the people I want to reach." 
​--Historical Fiction Series

First Contributions within 2 Hours

Video Scripts That Speak Your Truth

Single- and Multi-target Campaigns