Fiction and nonfiction

Editing for content and context requires an understanding of the author's intended impact to ensure that every sentence guides readers toward the mark. Authors whose works are moving from one country to another frequently find content/contextual editing useful in "translating" their culture and societal mores for their new country's audience. ​The fee ranges between $8.95 and $25.00 per double-spaced page. 

"The quality of work from Writer's Resource is without parallel. I made the mistake of going with a cheaper editorial service for my second novel. I wound up having to do several rounds with the other editor just to get the job done right, and it cost me twice as much. I will always work with Writer's Resource!" 
--Mainstream Women's Fiction Series

english translations

Fiction and nonfiction, adult and juvenile

Editing English translations requires careful selection of language that carries the nuances the author wishes to convey. Years of experience translating from ancient languages into modern text, Spanish-to-English, French-to-English, Russian-to-English, Chinese-to-English and Japanese-to-English texts ensures that your narrative achieves the right tone.
​The fee ranges between $7.95 and $25.00 per double-spaced page.

juvenile line editing and copyediting

Children's picture books, easy readers, and early chapter books

Juvenile projects are edited according to the needs of the target audience and publishing industry expectations by an award-winning book editor. 
The fee ranges between $345 and $925 depending on length and level of work required.

"I am very impressed with Laine's work. It's nice to have work that doesn't require us to fix it upon delivery. We'll shift all of our work away from our other freelancers and over to her starting this year, and we will budget a very healthy amount for her services." 
​--Social Issues/Advocate Nonfiction​


Adult, new adult, YA, middle-grade fiction and nonfiction

This professional writing service puts the final polish on the manuscript. Since all work is tailored to the individual needs of each manuscript, the fee ranges between $4.00 and $6.95/double-spaced page. 

line editing

Adult, new adult, YA, middle-grade fiction and nonfiction

Line editing works intensively to adjust higher-level language choices, vary sentence structure, smooth transitions between paragraphs, adjust transitions between subsections/scenes, and similar line-by-line elements. Since the work is tailored to the needs of each manuscript, the rate falls between $6.95 and $12.50 per page. 
​If the project is longer than average, a flat rate is applied because the per-page rate would become prohibitive.
Fees for juvenile projects are calculated differently; see below.

"I was referred by a magazine editor who recommended Laine highly. While I worked with her on my first novel, I made the mistake of having another editor do my second book. After three rounds of editing by the other person, there were many grammatical errors in the first pages. and it got worse later on. I will never ask anyone but Laine to edit my books!" 
​--Women's Fiction

"Writer's Resource edited a manuscript that was then accepted by McFarland and Company, a success I attribute to Laine's work." 
​--Nonfiction Resource Guide

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