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"I am working feverishly on all the ideas Writer's Resource gave me in the developmental analysis. Laine really made such a difference in my life." 
​--Advocate's Memoir

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juvenile developmental review

Publishing contracts for series and single titles, awards, placement in schools and libraries

Children's picture books, easy readers, and early chapter books (up to 7,500 words) are handled with the same approach as the adult developmental analysis. This professional writing service, provided by an award-winning book editor, is available for single titles and series. 
A single picture book or easy reader is $495.
Titles intended as part of a series are $695.  
Early chapter books up to 7,500 words are $750.
Early chapter books intended as part of a series are $895.
For standard middle grade novels, see the box above.

"So far, three agents want to represent the manuscript Writer's Resource worked on. I feel like they should duke it out in an agent bidding war!" 
​--YA Contemporary Fantasy​

baseline review

Quality lifted to the  next level, enhanced interest from agents and publishers, marketability

A baseline review can help you determine how agents, publishers and readers will receive your work. Critical elements related to writing quality, marketability, and storytelling or narrative elements are addressed with recommendations that lift the work to the next level.
This professional writing service is provided by an award-winning author.
​The base rate for adult, YA and middle-grade manuscripts is $945 for the first 10,000 words (40 pages). Add $100 for every additional 5,000 words (20 pages). 

developmental analysis

Marketability assessment, novels from short stories, repurpose content

This analysis examines the structural and 
storytelling elements of fiction and memoirs. When the work is nonfiction, the structural and writing elements of that category are considered. Applicable market trends are also discussed. The write-up of recommendations for a manuscript of average length runs 10 to 18 single-spaced pages. This is all narrative text; no tables, charts or graphs are used as filler.  The rate for a manuscript of standard length is $9.50 per double-spaced page. The minimum fee is $1,650. 

"This truly is the book of my dreams! As excited as I am about the movie producers who are already interested in the film rights, I am more thrilled with the sense of peace now that I have accomplished this goal. Together we've made this a reality." 

"I queried close to 100 agents and no one requested any part of the novel. Within three days of finishing up the changes Writer's Resource recommended, two agents requested the full manuscript!  
It's clear that the feedback was right on the money. The recommendations really resonated with me, and the story is much stronger." 

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Tripled Agent Response Rates

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National Awards

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